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1893. Australian Alpine Country of the Snowy Mountains. On an isolated property, heavily pregnant Molly Johnson has a secret she must keep buried. While her drover husband is away, she and her children struggle to survive. Molly is confronted by a fugitive Aboriginal man, Yadaka. She finds herself in a desperate situation and takes the black man’s offer of help, her life depends on it.

Unbeknown to Molly, there has been a brutal murder of a woman and her children and Yadaka has been blamed for it. He is a wanted man who will bring undesired attention to Molly Johnson. New town up-holder of law, Nate Clintoff, learns Molly’s drover husband is missing and he sends a trooper out to her property to investigate, triggering a chain of ruinous events.

The Drover’s Wife the Legend of Molly Johnson is a reimagining of Leah Purcell’s acclaimed play and Henry Lawson’s classic short story. A searing Australian Western with love, family, protection, survival, truth and racism at its heart, it asks: how far do you go to protect the ones you love?


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