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Queen of Oz begins with the bumpy transition of HRH Princess Georgiana (Georgie) from a London society party princess with zero responsibilities to becoming Australia’s reigning monarch.  The spare to the British throne, Georgie is thrust into a position of authority far beyond her capabilities and boredom threshold.  Her reckless behavior is often compounded by her royal staff, who, while trying their best, tend to make matters worse. 

Brash, insolent, and spoiled, Georgie is a divisive public figure, the black sheep of her royal family and a great disappointment to her parents.  While all her relatives have led responsible lives of public service, Georgie's has been filled with drinking, clubbing, sex romps and controversial scandals that have been plastered on the front pages of the tabloids for years. Her life has been in sharp contrast to her older brother, the golden child, HRH Prince Frederick. (Freddie) 

Unmarried and childless, yet still living the life of a 20-something, Georgie’s latest scandal has her parents and the public alike worried that she will single-handedly bring about the end of the monarchy.  In an effort to get her as far away from London as possible, and at the same time, hoping to persuade Australia not to leave the shrinking Commonwealth, an unprecedented plan is put into motion to install her as Queen of Australia.  Although she’s adamantly opposed to it, Georgie’s objections fall on deaf ears, and before she knows it, she’s sent kicking and screaming to a land down under where women glow and men chunder. 

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