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Eden is an eight-part Stan Original Series that follows the events surrounding the disappearance of a young

woman in an idyllic coastal town – her fate laying bare the dark heart of paradise.

High-achieving twenty-year-old Scout returns home from her first year at Juilliard, the prestigious New York

performing arts school, to find her enigmatic, charming, clever best friend Hedwig indefinably changed. On

a drug-fuelled night out, moving between parties across the town, Scout confesses her burgeoning romantic

and sexual feelings for Hedwig. Tensions escalate throughout the night and culminate in a violent struggle.

Scout blacks out. When she wakes up with no memory of the evening’s end, Hedwig is gone.

Across subsequent episodes, we track back into Hedwig’s summer and forwards into Scout’s desperate

investigation into her friend’s disappearance. Hedwig is a young woman brought up without privilege, trying

to find herself in the adult world. While her prosperous friend headed off to New York to follow her dream of

a musical career, Hedwig has been gradually drawn into the shadows of sunny Eden to survive. For her there

is no way out; no money and no-one to fall back on – apart from a uselessly drug-addicted father. She has

dreams of her own but to have any hope of living them, she must cross to the dark side.

The events of Scout and Hedwig’s reunion, after six months, spin out of control. A party at the mansion of

a fading movie star leads to shocking outcomes for both girls, changing the town forever and triggering

revelation upon revelation in the lives of the inhabitants. As the episodes proceed with paradoxical shifts of

time and perspective, the fates of Scout in the present and Hedwig in the past gradually come into sharp

focus. Determined to find out the truth about Hedwig’s fate, Scout unpicks the clandestine relationships she

created in her absence. Flawed and out of her depth, Scout nevertheless discovers her own relentless and loyal

avenger within. Her new alliance with the enigmatic Detective Katz, finally leads her to the truth about Hedwig

– but also to unexpected and confronting conclusions about her own place in the world.

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