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New Gold Mountain

Europeans, Americans and Chinese are all racing to make their fortunes in the 1850s’ Australian gold rush. Tensions between rival camps run high, and Wei Shing, the charismatic leader of the Chinese operation, struggles to remain in control as he secretly amasses his own riches. A further threat to his authority is Lei, a formidable woman who has arrived with orders from China from her powerful father.


When a white woman is found murdered, Shing is fearful the prejudiced Europeans will blame the Chinese. Determined to remain in power and keep his fortune, Shing must find out what really happened.


As Shing unravels the mystery, he encounters the recently widowed Belle, who is making her name in town through the local newspaper she has inherited, and Hattie, a young Aboriginal girl trying to get by.


New Gold Mountain tells the untold story of the Australian gold rush from the perspective of the Chinese miners. They risked everything for a chance at fortune and fought discrimination from the English ruling class. Using inspired-by-real-life characters and shining a light on forgotten events, this rule breaking revisionist Western unearths a captivating murder mystery. 

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