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EROTIC STORIES is a bold and transgressive series guaranteed to spark conversation. Penned by a diverse mix of emerging and established Australian writers, EROTIC STORIES is an anthology that challenges the narrative of what sex and intimacy look like today. Each episode is driven by characters not traditionally seen as sexual leads. One episode interrogates the grey area of a young gay man being fetishised for his disability, while another sees a middle-aged woman exploring how her boundaries can be respected within BDSM. A reticent queer man opens up with a stranger at a gay beat when they endeavour to find his lost dog, while a lesbian tries to break her sexual drought with an over-eager younger woman she meets on a dating app. A Sydney marketing exec has an out-of-body experience in the Gold Coast after struggling for years with fertility issues. Middle-aged mates put their friendship to the test when they experiment with remotely connected sex toys in the name of research. A non-binary lesbian, who prides themself on their sexual prowess, can’t make their girlfriend orgasm. And an Indigenous couple struggle with the technical and emotional difficulties of long-distance intimacy.

Be it gay, disabled, non-binary, middle-aged and/or people of colour, EROTIC STORIES spotlights diverse points of view, with a non-judgemental attitude and a shameless lust for all things erotic - no matter how unconventional. At its core, EROTIC STORIES is an uplifting series about our need for physical and emotional connection. It challenges us to see that intimacy is both personal and universal, and to understand each other’s emotional desires and vulnerabilities.

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