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In the first season of Total Control, Alex Irving engineered a remarkable coup, dethroning Rachel Anderson, the Prime Minister who appointed her to the Senate only to betray her. This time around, Alex is determined to avoid the pitfalls of the Canberra bubble. The backstabbing, vested interests, lip service and failed promises; territory she now knows comes with the job. Alex broke her word to her community, but she’s not going to be put in that position again. By running for election as an Independent, Alex has a second chance to do it right. She’ll be ready for the inevitable dirty campaign tactics and to compete against the well-financed machinery of the major parties. But that won’t make things easier. Alex will be confronted by vile online trolls, threats to her family and political opponents riled by the audacity of a Black woman using her voice. Ultimately, will Alex’s determination and the tenacity of her grass-roots driven team be enough? Can she survive a system determined to shake everything she values?

Total_Control_2_D1_Ep1_Lisa Tomasetti_259_Alex Irving (Deborah Mailman) and Rachel Anderso

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