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Pastor Cal Quinn stuns his family by announcing a US expansion for their evangelical megachurch, U Star. But a lapse in judgment sees recovering addict Cal responsible for the death of a vulnerable parishioner, Rosa, creating rifts in his marriage to Abi.


With U Star LA beckoning, Dion and Issy scheme with their spouses Taz and Benji to lure American DJ Maddox (and his millions of social media followers) into their church and win their father’s favour. Dion’s struggle to prove himself to an exacting Cal causes his and Taz’s relationship to falter, while Issy’s pregnancy awakens the painful past of a family secret regarding her adopted brother Moses’ parentage.


Keen to prove U Star’s family credentials to their American partners, Cal lures his estranged son Jed back into the fold after Jed’s community centre “mysteriously” burns down. Jed bonds with Rosa’s grieving daughter, Juno, whose prospects brighten as she is drawn into the embrace of U Star.


Cal maneuvers conservative Christian politician Dan Gascoigne into Federal Cabinet to save U Star from a looming Charity Tax bill that could ruin them. But once in power, Gascoigne sides against his church to further his career.


Having sacked right hand man Eli for losing his faith, and with his Australian operation facing a federal audit, an erratic Cal prepares to launch U Star LA. But his growing disconnection from God, his family and his church sets him on a trail of destruction that leaves him wandering alone into the desert.

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